Wendy Williams Meets The Neighbors

As you can see here, I seem to have developed a reputation for bringing the funny. Wendy was great to work with as was her entire organization. I came in and produced and directed this piece, seeing it through from the writing process, through production and then post. We had a lot of fun with […]

B2B Sales Video for an international bank

Sometimes the client has an idea for what they want but they haven’t considered all the options. This client wanted a straightforward Q&A with a large number of talking points; we thought they would get more tractions with a piece that felt more like a commercial for a financial services institution. With the client’s approval, […]

“Ready New York” for the City of New York

The City of New York was a very interesting client! We had the run of all City property: streets, parks, buildings, schools. I co-produced and co-wrote this piece and that’s me doing the voiceover. A favorite off-camera moment: Frank Field, the TV weatherman of my childhood: “What we gotta do with this thing is scare […]

“We Are Young” by fun.

My take was that these guys, despite their look, were actually creating classic pop songs (think 70’s TV variety shows) so we decided to shoot them in that classic 3-camera style. Was I surprised when, two months later, this song hit number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100? I’m gonna say “no.” This clip had […]

Harley-Davidson internal sales

Harley-Davidson developed some new sales tools for their dealerships and they needed to get the individual dealers on board.

mtvU Pop Quiz

mtvU’s vibe for these Pop Quiz pieces is very frothy and poppy. It’s also clinically clean and very direct which I really like. How do we achieve that? Interrotron, seamless and AfterEffects (if you don’t know those terms, don’t feel bad; just ask me and I will tell you).


When I did this piece I had been making a lot of sizzle reels. I had established a successful style in which I would do my research, interview key players, tell the story via the audio of the interviewees speaking and then “hang” pictures off of the framework of what was being said. I decided […]

Tony Awards Hotel Promo

This one is pretty self-explanatory.


Fashion and cosmetics demand a visual and esthetic pop. That’s easy to do when you’ve got a big budget and an expensive crew. But how do you make that happen when a client such as this one doesn’t have that kind of money to spend? You just have to dig a little deeper. After the […]

Daytime Emmys Open

This was a lot of fun to shoot!

Wendy’s Holiday Cheer

How do you interpolate the story of the utter destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy into an uplifting, advertising-driven, holiday segment for The Wendy Williams Show? We had to serve a number of different masters with this 4-minute piece. How did we do?

Lou Reed

It was quite unusual for Lou Reed to play a venue as small as New York’s Knitting Factory but he loved the room. He booked the show and asked us to document it. I wanted to capture the sweat and intimacy of this performance and to turn the challenges (tiny(!) stage, overcrowded venue, less-than-ideal camera […]

Fundraiser film

My friend Roger came to me with a supremely heart-felt story. How do you tell it in sound and pictures without being too “show biz” about it? How do you get someone who is not a professional actor to gaze into the lens and speak from the heart? It’s not easy. I cheated; can you […]

Wu-Tang Clan

I was hired to document the making of the Wu-Tang Clan album “8 Diagrams”; this is a brief assemblage of interview clips that I created. I have spent a lot of my life around musicians and working with these guys was fascinating. On the one hand, it was one of those cases of “What you […]

Career Profile

We’ve all seen stories like this one on awards shows. For that matter, troubadours and griots have been singing tales like this for centuries. How has this person distinguished himself? How is he seen by his colleagues? How should we regard him? Well, let me tell ya…

Tony Awards cutaways

For quite a few years if you watched the Tony Awards on CBS-TV any time you saw a cutaway to a postcard shot of NYC or a Broadway marquis you were seeing my work. Everything you see here that is outside the live venue I shot. Sadly I was not able to do it last […]

“Not Done Yet” by Soja

This is from the series “Sonic Live” which I directed for Chevrolet. I drove down to Philadelphia the week before the shoot to meet these guys and watch their show at the Electric Factory. I immediately discovered that: A). they know one another extremely well and genuinely like each other; B). they can really play. […]

Time Is Money

This piece was part of a magnificent show at the Library of Congress in 2012 called “Politics And The Dancing Body.” We recreated a dance piece from 1934 and captured it on video. I then edited this video together with images from the magnificent LofC WPA collection and added a voiceover. I co-directed this with […]

“A Concert For Peace” at Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall is a notoriously challenging (and expensive) place to shoot. I don’t think anyone has managed to capture a performance as successfully and as inexpensively as we did here. One of my specialties of which I am particularly proud: doing great work for, as Rick Siegel (one of the camera operators on this) says, […]

Fujifilm 3D Camera Launch

The challenge with this type of sizzle reel is to make the event look far bigger, cooler, funner, better than it actually was. This is especially difficult when it is a media event (as this one was) since industry pros are trained to not reveal their emotions and generally don’t want to appear on camera. […]

“Artificial Afrika” by Vernon Reid

This was a solicitation to concert and theater presenters for a brilliant performance art piece by Vernon Reid. I had the idea that he should address the audience directly but that he should be visibly immersed in elements of the show. I shot him in front of a green screen and did all the editing, […]