Harley-Davidson internal sales piece

Harley-Davidson developed some new sales tools for their dealerships and they needed to get the individual dealers on board. This is a tough crowd so there is no better way to sell them than to let them hear from their peers. The crew and I flew all over the country to interview dealership owners, salesmen and customers.

People ask me if I have a secret for getting people to open up: yes, I give permission to the inner geek. Anyone worth interviewing has one so I try to start by finding the right interviewee; next I zero in on the little man or woman inside. I love talking with people about topics about which they are passionate.

Ready New York

The City of New York was a very interesting client! We had the run of all City property: streets, parks, buildings, schools. I co-produced and co-wrote this piece and that’s me doing the voiceover.

A favorite off-camera moment: Frank Field, the weatherman of my childhood: “What we gotta do with this thing is scare the $&)+ outta people!”

Not-For-Profit Pitch Piece

This video was created for a foundation that raises and distributes funds to improve the safety and quality of life in New York City. I produced it, conducted all the field interviews and edited parts of it.