In other words, lighting, audio, camera, post-production… everything.

Fujifilm 3D Camera Launch

The challenge with this type of sizzle reel is to make the event look far bigger, cooler, funner, better than it actually was. This is especially difficult when it is a media event (as this one was) since industry pros are trained to not reveal their emotions and generally don’t want to appear on camera. Nevertheless, we have to get what we came for and we’ve got to make it sparkle.

This piece was done completely by me with the exception of the brilliant Tom McCavera on still camera.

Fundraiser film

My friend Roger came to me with a supremely heart-felt story. How do you tell it in sound and pictures without being too “show biz” about it? How do you get someone who is not a professional actor to gaze into the lens and speak from the heart? It’s not easy. I cheated; can you guess how? The first time you see him look into the camera is at about 5:04.

talking heads

A lot of my bread-and-butter work is me going out with my camera, lights and a mic and harvesting the goods, whether it’s for TV, web or, frequently, corporate videos. I put this assemblage together quite a few years ago. I badly need to update it but… you get the idea.

“Artificial Afrika” by Vernon Reid

This was a pitch video for a brilliant performance art piece by Vernon Reid. I shot him in front of a green screen and did all the editing, compositing and graphics. The plates were assembled mainly from elements from the show.

Wu-Tang Clan

I was hired to document the making of the Wu-Tang Clan album “8 Diagrams”; this is a brief assemblage of interview clips that I created.

I have spent a lot of my life around musicians and working with these guys was fascinating; RZA, the producer, seen here in red T-shirt, has a great creative mind. Btw, I was told that this was the first time that he played piano on camera.

What I do for fun

This is pure self-indulgence so proceed at your own risk.