Career Profile

We’ve all seen stories like this one on awards shows. For that matter, troubadours and griots have been singing tales like this for centuries. How has this person distinguished himself? How is he seen by his colleagues? How should we regard him? Well, let me tell ya…

mtvU Pop Quiz

mtvU’s vibe for these Pop Quiz pieces is very frothy and poppy. It’s also clinically clean and very direct which I really like. How do we achieve that? Interrotron, seamless and AfterEffects (if you don’t know those terms, don’t feel bad; just ask me and I will tell you).


When I did this piece I had been making a lot of sizzle reels. I had established a successful style in which I would do my research, interview key players, tell the story via the audio of the interviewees speaking and then “hang” pictures off of the framework of what was being said. I decided for this piece that I would break the mold: I wanted to see if I could communicate a brand identity without the voiceover. Did I succeed?

Tony Awards / Times Square Hotel Promo

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Petco Street Team Report

This happens to editors all the time: I was given the editing assignment after the shooting was completed and there was not a lot of material to work with. Only one of the street team’s locations had been shot. Worse, no one from the client organization had spoken on camera so there was no voice representing their goals or their strategy.

So how do you make a silk promo out of a sow’s ear? How do you tell the story? I did some very careful editing, added still photos, graphics, a great song by Leon Gruenbaum… and dogs. Lots of dogs! Because EVERYONE LOVES DOGS!