Producer Profiles

These are snapshot portraits of some of my fellow producers. They are all people I have worked with whose methods and experiences I greatly admire.

I shot them using a bit of technology which I invented. Notice how their eyes are looking directly into the camera, not at an off-screen interviewer as we might expect? Unless you are working with professional actors this is a very difficult look to achieve. Or, I should say, it is unless you have some special help. Documentarian Errol Morris invented a brilliant piece of technology which he calls The Interrotron. If you watch his films you will see that he uses it to great effect. The only problem with it is that you need a studio and a full crew to create it. Mine can be operated by one person, in the studio or in the field. Pretty neat, huh?

Producing is a highly demanding craft and every good producer has his or her own unique approach. That’s what makes it a fascinating topic for these webisodes. I will begin posting clips very soon.

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